Research in Laus Group at East Piemonte University and within the Consortium INSTM focuses on creating new polymeric materials and refining their properties with a fundamental understanding of their physical behavior. We work to apply these novel materials in areas ranging from lithography, to bioinspired systems and nanotechnology.

Our research expertise includes synthesis of designed polymers by controlled polymerization techniques, characterization, and practical application of polymers as functional and structural materials.

Recent News & Future Events


27/4/2023 - PARIS

Presentation of Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering 2025


Catania - Italy



24/2/2023 - Seminario presso Adolphe Markle Institute

"Grafting to from melt"

Fribourg (Swiss)



6/2/2023 - Congratulations to Viviana Ospina for winning the  Award "Science is wonderful" by European Commission




M. Laus
Invited Lecture
"Shadows and Fog in "Grafting to" from Melt "

APME2023 Paris

M. Laus
Materiali ed Economia Circolare– Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei – 24 e 25 gennaio 2023


M. Laus
Invited Lecture
"From Controlled to Precision Polymers for Doping Applications "

EMRS 2022 Warsaw

M. Laus
Polypeptoid Brush Layers: Bioinspired Dopant Containing
Polymers at the Top

11th Peptoid Summit, 10 - 12 August 2022

M. Laus
Invited Lecture
"The true and the false in grafting to reaction "

2022 Summer School: Macromolecular Science for Advanced and Sustainable Materials


M. Laus
Invited Lecture
"Short vs Long Chain Competition During the “Grafting to” Process from Melt"

EPF Conference 2022- Prague

M. Laus
"Polimerizzazioni ioniche "

Convegno Scuola Mario Farina


M. Laus
Invited Lecture
"Short vs Long Chain Competition During the “Grafting to” Process "

ISPAC 2022- Milan

M. Laus
Invited Lecture
"Polymer brushes by grafting to reaction. New insights into the mechanism"

ACS Spring National Meeting 2022 in San Diego

20th-24 March 2022


Polymer brushes: mechanism and controversies
of the  "grafting" to reaction
17-19 May 2021

Università Federico II Napoli



"Polymer brushes by grafting to reaction. Mechanism and applications"

6-7 July 2021


"Advances in Functional Materials: Fundamentals, Technology and Sustainable Energy Production" ETTORE MAJORANA FOUNDATION AND CENTRE FOR SCIENTIFIC CULTURE (Erice, Italy): http://www.ccsem.infn.it/

"Polymer brushes by grafting to reaction. Mechanism and applications"

17-19 May 2021

EPF Summer School 2021


News - Digital Form

M. Laus, Invited Lecture
Bioinspired Polymer Brushes
Chemistry for Beauty and Health
May 12-14, 2021 Digital Form

M. Laus, Plenary Lecture
Poly-char International Polymer Forum
The true and the false in grafting to reactions
12-16 April 2021, Digital Form

M. Laus, Invited Lecture
“Plastics and circular economy”
Polymer Recycling by Depolymerization
Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei
2-3 April 2021, Digital Form


26/6/2020 - Congratulations to Riccardo Chiarcos for winning the  Best Presentation at Macrogiovani2020

M. Laus, Invited Lecture
Applications of Bioinspired Polymer Brushes
ACS Fall National Meeting 2020 in
San Francisco 16th to 20th August 2020 USA


M. Laus
Chair at the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture
International School:
Materials for Sustainable Development and Energy
Erice 15-19 Giugno 2020, Italy


M. Laus, Invited Lecture
Polymer Connect
Controlled and Precision Polymers for Doping
Lisbon, 26-28 February 2020, Portugal


M. Laus, Seminar
Polymers for Quantum Applications
1st Winter School on Advanced Materials, Metrology and Standardization
Claviere, 2-7 February 2020, Italy



M. Laus, Keynote Lecture

Polychar27- World Forum on Advanced materials

Self Limiting Reactions for Silicon Doping

14-17 October 2019 Naples, Italy


M. Laus, Keynote Lecture

Convegno Nazionale della Divisione di Chimica Organica CDCO Torino 2019

Toward Deterministic Doping

8-12 Settembre 2019 Torino, Italy


M. Laus, Invited Lecture

APME2019- Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering

Toward Deterministic Doping: A Bottom-up Approach by Self Limiting Reactions

August 15-18 2019 Stellenbosch, South Africa



M. Laus, Invited Lecture

First International Conference on 4D Materials and Systems 

Control of doping level by self limited reactions

August 26-30 2018 Yonezawa, Japan


M. Laus, Invited Lecture 

TOP Conference Time of Polymers

Toward deterministic doping via self limited reactions

17-21 June 2018 Ischia, Italy


M. Laus, Plenary Lecture

2émes Journées Italo-Francaises de Nanosciences

Deterministic Doping in Semiconductors via

Self-Limited “Grafting to” Reactions

31-2 February 2018 Bardonecchia, Italy



6/2/2018 - Congratulations to Alessio Stellini for winning the  Best Graduated Award in Applied Chemistry.



M. Laus, Seminario per Dottorato di Ricerca

Hidden Role of Solvent in Block Copolymer Based Nanotech Applications

9 Nov. 2017- Università di Salerno, Italy

M. Laus, Invited Lecture Dottorato di Ricerca

Toward deterministic doping

17 October 2017 Politecnico di Torino, Italy

M. Laus, Seminario per Dottorato di Ricerca

Control of dopant level in semiconductors via self-limited grafting to of functional end terminated homopolymers

22 Sept. 2017- Università Federico II di Napoli, Italy

M. Laus, Invited Lecture

3rd Functional Polymeric Materials Conference

Toward Deterministic Silicon Doping: A Bottom-up Approach

07 Jul 2017 - 10 Jul 2017-Rome, Italy

M. Laus, Keynote Lecture EPF2017

Hidden Role of Solvent in Solvent-Free Processing of Block Copolymer Thin Films for Nanotech Applications

02 Jul 2017 - 07 Jul 2017-Lyon, France

20/3/2017 New EPF website!


10/2/2017 Prof. Laus was appointed as General Secretary of the European Polymer Federation (EPF)



20/4/2016 Prof. Laus was elected as 2016 President of the Italian Association of Science and Technology of Macromolecules (AIM)

EUPOC 2016

Block Copolymers for Nanotechnology Applications

Co-chairs Michele Laus and Peter Müller-Buschbaum
22 May - 26 May 2016- Gargnano, Garda Lake (BS)

19/2/2016 - Congratulations to Federica Campo for winning the  Best Graduated Award in Applied Chemistry.

M. Laus, Invited Lecture 

EMN Meeting on Polymer

January, 12-15 2016, Hong Kong

RTP driven fast processing of block copolymers for nanolithographic applications



M. Laus, Seminario per Dottorato di Ricerca

Università di Milano-Bicocca (ITALY) 10/10/2015

Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP): a Novel Solvent-Free Enabling Technology for

Ultrafast (Co)polymer processing


V. Gianotti, Keynote Lecture

EuroAnalysis 2015

September 6-11, 2015, Bordeaux, France



M. Laus, Invited Lecture


May 11-15, 2015, Lille, France

High Temperature “Grafting to” Approach to Surface Neutralization


M. Laus, Keynote Lecture

European Polymer Congress 2015

June 21 to 26, 2015 Dresden, Germany

Concepts and Preconceptions in the Design and Processing of Block Copolymers for Nanolithographic Technologies




M. Laus, Invited Lecture


September 15-19, 2014, Warsaw, Poland

Organized nanostructures and nano-objects: fabrication, characterization and applications


M. Laus, Plenary Lecture

XXI Convegno dell'Associazione Italiana di Scienza e Tecnologia delle Macromolecole

September 14-19, 2014, Torino, Italia

Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP): a Novel Technology for Ultrafast Assembling of Nanoscopically Organized Thin Films


M. Laus, Keynote Lecture

2014 IUPAC World Polymer Congress

6-11 July, 2014, Chiangmai, Thailand 

Nanofabrication and Nanopatterning: Challenges and Innovation


M. Laus, Seminario

Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale Genova (ITALY)12/3/2014

Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP): a Novel Technology for Ultrafast Assembling of Nanoscopically Organized Thin Films

Prof. Michele Laus

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